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Table configuration options...

Post by 5com8roid »

Just wondering what the following config options do to the game/work:
1. Wait option
2. Secret donation

Thanks for any info.
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Re: Table configuration options...

Post by Rastibor »

These are optional rules introduced in the expansion:

Wait Option
The first player (and only the first player) has the option to wait. That player simply has to announce that they are waiting, rather than playing first. The other players must then play their turns normally, and the first player will go last in turn order.

The Secret Donation
This rule adds a new strategic option and a hidden element to final scoring.
After completing game setup, each player must secretly choose a donation space and make note of it on a piece of paper. Indicate the donation you have chosen by identifying the type of donation (numbered 1-4, from left to right), and its line (numbered 1-5, from top to bottom).
Players should keep their papers face-down, next to their Company boards. These papers will be revealed and counted at the end of the game, after the other donations have been scored. A player may look at their own paper at any time.
Secret donations have no cost, and they do not increase the
cost of a player’s subsequent donations. They are always active, even if their donation spaces are occupied by any player’s disk. A player may place a donation disk on the space that matches their secret donations – in this case, the player will score that donation twice at the end of the game.
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