Developers: HELLO?? Anybody there??

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Developers: HELLO?? Anybody there??

Post by Blockade-Runner »

It's been months now since it's been all but impossible for me to play this game on BGA, and, judging by what you see on related forums and via chat with other players, looks like I am hardly alone. What happens is, latency time is unbearable, and will inevitably get you kicked out of the game due to expired time after your second or third move -- if you are lucky to reach that far.

As an alternative, I get to play it on my mobile, which for some odd reason appears to be free from that curse; however, playing on such a diminutive screen is so awful, and I will often lose games thanks to the limited view there, a wrong meeple placement and other related problems.

I have just tried playing it on a different computer, where Carcassonne used to work, only to find out it wasn't working at all now: I was being forced to refresh the page after every single move in order to make it go, and after a while not even that seemed to work. I was stuck on 'disconnected from your game', no matter what. Do I need to say I lost another one?

I am using Chrome on a Chromebook (yes, yes, it's the latest version, as updates are automatic there), and again Chrome on Linux (where it used to work). Please notice that EVERY OTHER GAME on BGA works perfectly fine on such environments. It is clearly a problem with Carcassonne, and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. If the developers are on a one-year long vacation, why not hand the whole thing to somebody who would do what needs to be done about it?
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Re: Developers: HELLO?? Anybody there??

Post by T72on1 »

Works fine for me.
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Re: Developers: HELLO?? Anybody there??

Post by threegreens »

Fine here too, on Firefox.
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Re: Developers: HELLO?? Anybody there??

Post by tchobello »

Do you really think making such noise and dust will help ?
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