Amphibious invasion

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Amphibious invasion

Post by Lunalol »

Invasion was the most difficult rule to implement on BGA and it is far from perfection.
Last weeks, we have seen plenty of bugs concerning invasion, I have posted some fixes but I don't know if all is working now.

So :
- I will close all current bug reports concerning invasion because a fix has been posted.
- I will read carefully all new bug reports concerning invasion with a short reaction time.

I need your help, could you play (solo or duo) France 1944 scenario plenty of time (just invasion phase, so first turn in june 1944) and STOP and create bug report if you find any problem concerning invasions.

Thanks for you help :)
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Re: Amphibious invasion

Post by MarkDey »

Will do, thank you!
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Re: Amphibious invasion

Post by MatthewVilter »

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