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New mode Expert

Post by Cixi-K »


I propose an Expert mode for the Quarto. This mode does not change the basic rules, nor the advanced 2x2 variant. It's another variant that will appear which takes into account all the possible lines and squares on the board.
Here are the possibilities of squares in addition to the existing possibilities (line and square 2x2)

I hope that the arena matches remain well advanced 2x2.
On the other hand, this will allow players who already know the Quarto very well to aventure into another complexity where a draw doesn't exist.
Could you help me to pass on the suggestion of this mode of play here:
Just know that it doesn't change your way of playing, but it will bring you some variety the day you want to test a variation that will push the quarto rules to the maximum ;).

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Re: New mode Expert

Post by nael555 »

Very good idea :) and with this mode cheaters won't be able to cheat anymore.
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