-Counting scoring immediately

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-Counting scoring immediately

Post by The__Nick »

Is it possible to have the score count add up all scores immediately? Or have a module that shows a running count?
All sources of scoring are public information, but cards have these tiny tiny tiny bits of text that hide the fact that some colonies are worth up to 7 points. While some points are scored immediately and others are scored later, asynchronous games and also tiny tiny text make keeping track of some of these confusing despite the information being public.
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Re: -Counting scoring immediately

Post by faintpremonition »

I agree. It's a case of RAW scoring the cards at the end, but for gameplay purposes the score should present Tau Ceti and other ? planets as they go. I don't know if the mod is capable of scoring those sources dynamically however. Maybe you just have to keep in mind that if another experienced player looks like he's lagging, to check for (?) points.
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