Ridiculous Tie-breaker

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Ridiculous Tie-breaker

Post by Ratchael »

Hi, I don't see many people posting here, so I hope this message won't go unnoticed...

So, when 2 players at the end of a game share the same number of points, the tie-breaker is... time left ? Really ? :roll:

I'd rather see a draw between the two players, or even the player who started last winning the game than such a ridiculous tie-breaker...
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Re: Ridiculous Tie-breaker

Post by sprockitz »

it used to just be a tie. yes this change is terrible.
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Re: Ridiculous Tie-breaker

Post by positiveFail »

Yes, this is a very silly tie-break rule!
But I think you need to write not to the forum, but to the registration system with an error and suggestions.
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Re: Ridiculous Tie-breaker

Post by Salvidrim »

Very much agreed, tiebreaker based on time remaining is terrible, a tie should result in a tie, or we should come up with a better tiebreaker that is tied to gameplay.
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Re: Ridiculous Tie-breaker

Post by postmans »

Agree very odd tie-breaker. Please vote for http://boardgamearena.com/bug?id=23493&vote this suggestion bug to give it more attention.
In this game it feels fair to just have a draw when everything is equal at the end.
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Re: Ridiculous Tie-breaker

Post by Yasten »

Well, this change does not bode well with turn based games tbh...
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Re: Ridiculous Tie-breaker

Post by davidmleal »

Trying this game for first time, and just finish a game in turn base that finish 12-12 score. And got the win in the game because time???

This is stupid tiebreker to be even in this game. Just give a tie.

No reason for existence of this tiebreker
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