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Custom difficulties settings

Post by Romain672 »

Here is a post to share your favorite difficulties settings.

The normal game give 12/24/36/48 elo for a win.
The most popular change is '+10 health' which increase slightly the difficulty but give more time to setup everything: +50% boost in elo.

My favorite which give a totally new playstyle is: -2 atk / max combo 18 (so you can pair 666) / remove 8~10 which play more around doing pairs and create a constant difficulty instead of having Kings being the hardest in the normal game: it give 59 elo at 2 players.

What is the setup you like?
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Re: Custom difficulties settings

Post by Ez0ah »

I really like playing with the weaken enemies, so that you don’t instantly defeat/neutralize a queen/king using its spade or club counterpart. On the other side, I’ve also increased the combo limit, to reward a good hand management.
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