Starvation strategy abusers

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Re: Starvation strategy abusers

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In 4p, one player (most of the time p3 or p4) has no choice except to starve to keep the game competitive, or else it's a lost game for him. p1 starving is almost an inferior strategy, while p2 starvation can have merits in certain boards. Even then, it's not a guarantee that starver will win because starvers ignore green cards which allow others to grab green sets for much cheaper price, and everyone will fight for meeple and building multipliers which forces the starver to overpay. 10 point penalty per nonfeed round is just about right in 4p.

However, in 2p mode, -10 penalty is too harsh that it is unplayable. I think I flat out starve in under 0.5% of my 2p games (in very rare board set ups) and I have a higher win rate against starvation.
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