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Game end statement

Post by zeroxceet »

In the German original rules of 1997 you have to finish the turn to end game.
In translation, the game ends when you couldn’t refile your hand.
( and in this case, you don’t have monument points ).

According to a threat on bgg, it is a bug discusssion. ... mplication

So what is your choice ? I asked it because i have seen that in my case, I would have won my last game if I collected monument points. That’s why I asked myself what is the correct point.
Sorry for my English
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Re: Game end statement

Post by sonarjack »

The discussion on that BGG link suggests that this is a settled issue. That is, it seems probable that the rule change came from Knizia himself, and certainly he's never said anything to suggest that he wants to revert to the original rule. Without further info, it seems right to stick witht he most recent rule set (i.e. no monument points if the game ends mid-turn).
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