Endless loop with the Pretty Alien Creature

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Endless loop with the Pretty Alien Creature

Post by Medjes »

Once in a while you got stuck in a endless loop.

Card limits on Keeper, and you got the pretty alien creature. Drawing only one card at a time, you'll discard the Alien, then it will be drawn by the other player, who plays it and discard it, then you'll draw it, etc...

What to do if the other player don't accept the joint forfeit ? I will not surrender and give another keeper, but he keep playing the loop, refusing the joint forfeit, even after trying numerous messages... wich he doesn't even answer.

If there an way to ask an admin to end this ?
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Re: Endless loop with the Pretty Alien Creature

Post by voriki »

Is it Cute Alien Creature? I only played Star Fluxx once or twice I think at first.

Looneylabs has a FAQ about it.
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