[New feature proposal] - Color code for dogmas

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[New feature proposal] - Color code for dogmas

Post by Swarioz »

I realized that the dogmas now have different color backgrounds on the cards. For example the "I demand" dogmas have a darker background.

Would it help your gaming experience to have different colors for the different dogmas, for example:
  • black background for "I demand/compel" dogma that can be activated;
  • dark grey background for "I demand/compel" dogmas that cannot be activated because you lack/have too many the resources;
  • light grey background for dogmas one does not have to share;
  • white background for dogmas that are going to be shared.

I am not sure if it feasible from the IT perspective, as the backgrounds should be re-evaluated after every move.
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Micah Stairs
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Re: [New feature proposal] - Color code for dogmas

Post by Micah Stairs »

Thanks for the idea! It's certainly feasible from a technical standpoint. We just want to make sure that whatever we implement is intuitive (we don't want it to lead to more confusion). We also have to make sure the text is still readable on whatever color background we have.

I don't think we are going to take immediate action on this, but I agree that it would be good to convey this information somehow. One alternative is to possibly change the color of the small dogma symbol next to the text, instead of changing the background color of the text boxes. And I'm sure there are lots of other alternatives to consider.
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