Collaboration allowed?

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Collaboration allowed?

Post by BillTundle »

I am currently in a game where a player has played a priest against me (see my card) and is then saying in chat what they saw.

I don't think its mentioned in the rules but surely this is wrong as it makes the game pretty boring.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Collaboration allowed?

Post by Jellby »

Any reason why the other players should believe anything this player says?
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Re: Collaboration allowed?

Post by voriki »

(Personal opinion)
Saying it in chat is a big No No.
The game works with hidden and public information, and you have to know the difference.

What could one say? You could alert someone that a player is getting dangerously close to winning the game, and you need to crank up the heat on that person. Since if the one player wins, obviously you never could. So a temporary(!) alliance could be allowed. But overal it's also still a game and needs to be enjoyable for everyone involved, including the person on top.

But revealing hidden information is a huge downer killing the spirit of the game.
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Re: Collaboration allowed?

Post by twenty9oh7 »

The "official" AEG (2012) rules linked state: "When you discard the Priest, you can look at one other player's hand. Do not reveal the hand to all players."

The Premium AEG edition (2016) rules linked state: "When you discard the Priest, you can look at another player’s hand. Do not reveal the hand to any other players."

The Z-man edition (2019) rules state: "Choose another player and secretly look at their hand (without revealing it to anyone else)."

The definition of "reveal" per Cambridge Dictionary: "to make known or show something that is surprising or that was previously secret"

I'd say it is not supposed to be allowed and wouldn't play with that person again.
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CB Droege
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Re: Collaboration allowed?

Post by CB Droege »

In the spirit of the rules of this game: You may not actually show the card to other players, but you can say whatever you want. Other players have to decide if they can trust you. Table talk is part of the game.
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Re: Collaboration allowed?

Post by fiscused »

No, table talk is not allowed in this game. That would make a totally different game. There would be no reason for a player to lie in the case given above, because it would always benefit him.
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