no tile left stuck

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no tile left stuck

Post by Dragonours »

in table #284839147 I was stuck.
only 1 tilr to place and no tile left to take it.
I don't evenhave choise to juste continued with-out new tile.
or maybe dont placeit at all.

I had to chose a tile, but nothing to chose.

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Re: no tile left stuck

Post by T72on1 »

If you think it is a bug, you can report it through this link:
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Re: no tile left stuck

Post by wolmot »

You should never be stuck, the rules clearly state what happens if you covered a Cement Truck or Excavator but no appropriate tiles are available anymore:
“Alternatively, you may take a Green Area of your choice instead. If a pile runs out of tiles, you cannot take any more of those.”

So the game interface will have allowed you to take any of the basic green tiles (toilet, river, etc)
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