Tractor cards

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Tractor cards

Post by totobis »

Can someone explain how to use the Tractor cards? The (very poorly written) manual states that you can use them as jokers to replace a card held by your opponent. Yet, after accumulating 5 tractors, every time I selected one, BGA only offered me to discard the card, NEVER to play it on the board to substitute one of the many cards I didn't have (and weren't in the wells - cards my opponent therefore held). Not a single time. My opponent however was able to play tractor cards at leisure.
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Re: Tractor cards

Post by VEGEboss »

dear friend

sorry for late reply

to use a Tractor as a Joker you have to click on the card that needs the Joker to be played

- on the table there is the Red 1 (Tomatoes)
- you have the Red 9 in your hand
- your opponent has the Red 5 and avoid to play it
- if you have a Tractor in your hand you'll see that the Red 9 appears as playable (red bordered and lighty moved up)

is enough to click on the Red 9 to play it!

if you are interested in playing with we, let me know!
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