Drill Sergent houserule nerf

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Drill Sergent houserule nerf

Post by Dark-Thomy »

Greetings !..

It probably has come to anyone playing with the extensions that the Drill Sergent card is, with lack of better word, Completely Broken.

Yet we're FORCED to play with him if we want any other cards from this extensions or the next ones.
I'm convinced a simple houserule could fix that card though, for example if he couldn't pick himself from the discard. (easiest way to try to fix it)

Would it be possible to implement something like that ?
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Re: Drill Sergent houserule nerf

Post by RicardoRix »

BGA does not implement house rules, you'd need the official designers to give the go ahead, even if it's something from a BGG thread. And of course the developer to implement it.

https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/205509 ... geant-loop
BGG wrote: A card you played on this turn isn't actually "discarded" until the beginning of your next turn -- see the turn sequence on page 4 of the rules.

So at most your friend could use each Drill Sergeant once per turn, because once a card has been played that round, it is stuck in your playing area until the draw phase of the next round.
Does this change anything?
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Re: Drill Sergent houserule nerf

Post by Kayvon »

There was a bug that was discarding cards midway through your turn. It was filed in the bug reporting system and then fixed.

Don't forget, you can file bugs and checking for existing ones here:
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