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Esa Hex

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Would it be possible to request the Esa hex variant with the 12* movement protocol? And a few larger board sizes for it (and regular hex?) like 16x16 (or 17x17), 19x19, and 21x21?
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Re: Esa Hex

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Interesting. 1-2-2 Hex was not invented by Esa Koskinen in 2020. It was invented by John Tate at Princeton in the 1950s. This is documented in a letter from Martin Gardner to Piet Hein on April 6, 1957. See Hayward and Tofte, "Hex: The Full Story", section 6.2.

It would be possible to create this game on Board Game Arena, but my personal opinion is that BGA is not the best forum for experimental games. Hex itself averages less than 40 games per day on BGA. For variants such as 1-2-2 Hex, it would surely be much less, meaning it would be basically impossible to find opponents. IG GameCenter has lots of experimental games (that never get played), and it even has a sandbox for people who just want to try out a new game without coding it first. That might be a better way to go.
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