Cribbage Gurus - Please Change Arena Settings

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Cribbage Gurus - Please Change Arena Settings

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To those that make decisions for settings to be used during an Arena season, I beg of you to change the settings back to 1 game matches. Under the current settings of 3 game matches, it outs asynchronous players at a significant disadvantage.

Let's assume a moderately paced game where players finish a hand a day. Assuming an average of 10 points per hand and 16 hands a game, a match will take 4-6 weeks to finish (assuming no skunks). Playing a hand per day is not a likely scenario, so in reality, a 3 game match could take two months or more to complete.

Case in point, I have 4 asynchronous games started for this season. With less than 50 days to go, I have completed 1 of those games, the fourth game started after I finished the first. I haven't even climbed out of bronze because I have only finished one game. Realistically, keeping track of more than a handful of games is difficult to do. Could I start 10 games, sure, but it's too much to track and play well. At the current pace, I may be able to get a dozen games in for the season and maybe climb into gold, but that really depends on the other players' quickness and my win percentage.

While there is some amount of luck that is evened out with a 3 game match, it doesn't seem practical in Arena to play a full match due to the length involved. Even a real time game could last over an hour for a full 3 game match. Kudos that have that amount of time to sit and play, but there are plenty that can't and utilize asynchronous play because of that. I hope that you will consider updating the number of games in a match so that there is a little more equality toward asynchronous players.
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