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Post by Devastator »

We are really enjoying Downforce. Great job on the implementation.

Feature request: an undo option for if a player selects the wrong card. To expand (but is probably less feasible), show the possible moves cars can make after a card is chosen and then allow to select different card.

This came up because we played on a random board and were not familiar with the "jump" rules. It was sort of hit and miss on if cars were allowed to jump or not.

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Re: Undo

Post by voriki »

Still new at Downforce. One of the powers is that you can control your own car, even on another players turn. This would hinder your suggestion if his car was involved.
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Lymon Flowers
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Re: Undo

Post by Lymon Flowers »


this is a popular request. :-)

Regarding this, it is a bit difficult to implement. The native undo feature of BGA can't be used there, because of the constant player turn switches. So it has to be coded manually and will not always work. For instance, if you choose a card with the first line the color of a car controlled by another player, this won't work because the active player has been changed.

But I am really thinking about this, promised!

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Re: Undo

Post by vonhesperus »

I would like to have an Undo button if I choose the wrong "next" Color. Thx a lot
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