Tutorial available here!

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Tutorial available here!

Post by dexdouglas »

Per the title, I’ve created a tutorial for Kulami. Feel free to review and rate it if you think it’s useful.
https://boardgamearena.com/tutorial?gam ... orial=1028
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Re: Tutorial available here!

Post by lexicam »

Thanks. The tutorial was very helpful as I found myself in a game with both the lines & continuous areas variants and had no idea how the scoring worked until after the game.

One small detail to the tutorial is that the game seemed to use cancel-out scoring for those variations. So since they had a continuous area of 17 and I had 8, they got a 9 bonus to signify the difference in our areas. Mathematically it would work out the same if they game me 8 and them 17, so just a minor detail. (same approach is used for the lines as far as I could tell)
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