Uxmal Gambit Fix?

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Uxmal Gambit Fix?

Post by MasN »

All the top players open Uxmal 2 as p1, so that they get worker turn 2.

This strategy is of course beatable (for example, a common answer to U012 is U34 + T1 to get extra worker and resource tech upgrade, but that requires enough corn and screws over the third player), but in general p1 is at a significant advantage because of this.

Many ideas have been proposed to address this, including:
- Forbid players from playing more than 1 on uxmal on turn 1.
- Players take turns placing one worker at a time on turn 1.
- Modify the Uxmal wheel so that the +worker space is on U4 for the first quarter of the game.
- Put the starting turn order up for auction

Can at least one of these be availible as an option?
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Re: Uxmal Gambit Fix?

Post by MajorGamble »

I would like this as well. It's annoying to have to ask players each time (and be at their mercy) for something that many people understand needs to be done in order to balance the game.
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