Takenoko - Second edition FAQ

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Re: Takenoko - Second edition FAQ

Post by mrbass »

Grey Lord wrote: 19 September 2021, 05:01 In an effort to balance the imbalance of strategies, the game was broken much worse than the original version. :?

I concur as I play a lot on ipad versus ai and 2nd edition destroyed gardener objectives and create imbalance in an already lucky prone type game
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Re: Takenoko - Second edition FAQ

Post by Horang94 »

I guess I haven't played too much to be objective but I think my play time is enough to notice the changes made and I love the second edition rules significantly more! The balance changes are what I think makes this game back to my favorites :D (Although I've only played the second edition only once)
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Re: Takenoko - Second edition FAQ

Post by senatorhung »

i have played over 2200 games of Takenoko on BGA with the original rules. i won't be playing any with the 2d edition rules, which i was just informed about today. looks like they were introduced during my 1.year sabbatical from BGA. even without having played a game with 2d edition rules, just reading about the changes indicated to me that this would not be a game i would be interested in playing. to be fair, i also had the same reaction when seeing the takenoko expansion, so i definitely do not share the same sense of what makes a good game as the game publisher does.

takenoko is a light, fast-paced game as originally designed. 3 or 4 player games were definitely random and chaotic, but correspondingly SHORT. a 2player game could be very tight between 2 experienced players, with only objective draw being the deciding luck factor, and both players keeping as much in reserve and opaque as possible. as others have stated, the 2d edition rules as outlined give even more advantage to the panda rush, as gardener and plot objectives become even more telegraphed and thus blockable. this extends the game unnecessarily and makes the luck in drawing objectives even greater if you don't go the panda route. with 2 experienced players filling up with 3 panda objectives and ignoring their other objectives, the game will just be about who avoids the most green bamboo objectives, while building the garden in a way that blocks most plot (and hence gardener) objectives. i can forecast all that without ever having played with 2d edition rules, so i am not sure how the game designer could not have forseen those same issues.

if the 2d edition does indeed enhance usability for colourblind (or going blind) folks, that's fabulous. but if the underlying game becomes a frustration, i'm pretty sure that will not be a net positive in terms of increasing the number of players.
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Re: Takenoko - Second edition FAQ

Post by archichick10 »

I don't like it at all!

I am only playing the original version!
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Re: Takenoko - Second edition FAQ

Post by Trimox »

Je suis satifait par le travail de BGA depuis plus de deux ans.

J'admets ne pas comprendre ces ajustements sur takenoko. Les équilibrages font perdre le sel de lastratégie. Le jeu est plus flexible et ouvert à la chance.

J'ai eu l'habitude d'appliquer cette règle qui change le gameplay du jardinier :

- il faut que le jardinier soit sur la tuile de l'objectif pour la valider.

L'équilibrage panda rend en effet moins intéressant les autres objectifs surtout ceux de la pose de tuile.
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Re: Takenoko - Second edition FAQ

Post by e1q3z9c7 »

The rule changes was totally unreasonable
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