Word Checks During Game

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Re: Word Checks During Game

Post by quietmint »

ufm wrote: 13 September 2022, 01:49
JackHH wrote: 03 September 2022, 08:47 - Strict mode: No in game word check, max 3 retries per turn, skip turn if clock overruns
Probably solved by viewtopic.php?p=120550
I guess you meant to link to the September 1 release: "delay to expel player now decreases from 20s to 0s, if this is still the turn of the overtime player"?

But that is not relevant. The issue is kicking a player ruins the table. You want to force the late player to skip a single turn and continue the game normally. It is very different from expelling a player.
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Re: Word Checks During Game

Post by JackHH »

When my opponent looks up a word using the new tool during a game can I see it in the logs?

The reason I ask is that one scenario I often come across with players is that they suddenly whip out an incredible and improbable long compound word first time (with no invalid guesses). When this happens it sets of my Spidey senses. With the new checker it's possible a player is legit and they try lots of other things first using the checker, but i don't see that if it's not in the logs.
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Re: Word Checks During Game

Post by Primrosie »

Adding the word check, feels a bit the beginning of turning the game from something we can use for proper competition, into something that is strictly just for fun and not serious at all.
That's the whole reason I play games for fun. I love the checker and that it can be turned off. I know if someone turns it off that I am not the type of player they want to play with. I am a terrible speller the pressure of trying to spell a word quickly while someone is watching is not fun. Makes me feel very stupid. Instead I do a quick check and know right away if I am wrong.

Maybe you feel it's cheating but I feel it's fine. I am already going in with a handicap because I won't get to long word bonus because I am a terrible speller. So at least let me take the pressure of by checking words.
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