points for winning - not consistent?

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points for winning - not consistent?

Post by aerogirl1 »

After someone wins a game the points awarded seem to match your level, placement and level of those you beat. But every now and then I see someone win tons of points for winning a game. Like 80+. Here's one example. The winner of this game won over 60 points. How? Maja was the highest level player and won (deservingly) but got a crazy amount of reward points. Just wondering why/how? when I have won over much higher levels than myself the most i have gotten in around 20..... just curious. Thx

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Re: points for winning - not consistent?

Post by Romain672 »

It was this game: https://boardgamearena.com/table?table=301173452
You can see the K-factor of maja on this game being 37, while others are at 20 (weird, i though it was 60/40 or 20 but anyway). That mean she is a new player, and her elo will increase and decrease a lot more (x37 instead of x20 for all others players). On maja's profile: https://boardgamearena.com/player?id=93055140 , you can see it was her 10th game.

And that's pretty much it.
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Re: points for winning - not consistent?

Post by Ez0ah »

When you play your first 20 games, you gain inflated ELO (x3 for your first 10 games, decreasing until your reach normal gains for your 21st game). Here, Maja is still playing with inflated gains (almost x2 gains).

In the game results page, if you hover each ELO gains, you get some details. That inflation parameter is the K factor (60 for your first 10 games, 40 between your 11th and 20th games, 20 for your 21st onwards)
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