Where is the actual mastery?

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Where is the actual mastery?

Post by Stealthpup »

From what I've experienced so far, games are determined most of all by a person starting their turn with a match already in place on the board.

The blurb for this game referenced "easy to learn but difficult to master". However, I honestly don't see the mastery involved.
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Re: Where is the actual mastery?

Post by T72on1 »

I feel the same way about the game. Maybe we are just missing something :) .
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Re: Where is the actual mastery?

Post by Great_Martini »

I enjoy this game, but like others commenting, it's all too easy to get a few lucky cards and speed off into the distance on points (or of course the reverse, getting unlucky card draws and falling behind).

It feels to me that the game would work better if each player had 6 cards instead of 4. This should even out any lucky card draws, and give the players more options on their turn to reconfigure the tiles to make scores.
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Re: Where is the actual mastery?

Post by sprockitz »

All luck of the draw
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Re: Where is the actual mastery?

Post by Nansquee »

1. You have the option to skip your turn and get two additional cards to bring you to six cards. You could likely make up for the lost turn and get two matches working with six cards.

2. Try playing it solo. The deck has 16 cards and you have to match all of them before using 4 strikes (turns without a match.) More challenging and you are less likely to be dealt a match.
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Re: Where is the actual mastery?

Post by ZeekLTK »

I think the "mastery" is memorizing what the scoring cards are and making sure the board is not in a position for your opponent to easily score those, if they have them. Like, there is a scoring card for 3 blue tiles to be in a column together. So if you have not seen this card yet, you need to make sure you don't leave blue tiles all on top of each other and accidentally give your opponent 3 free points. If you start to recognize which tiles are scored together, whenever you have a turn where you didn't use all your cards, you can use the extra card or two to shift the board into an un-scorable position for your opponent. Like (I'm just guessing for this example), it seems like there are at least a few cards that score whites and greens in different positions relative to each other. So if you know what those positions are, and you notice there are white and green tiles near each other on the board, you could use your extra cards to move them away from each other so that, at the very least, your opponent has to waste cards to move them back to where they were. Stuff like that.
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