2 new expansions added :)

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2 new expansions added :)

Post by sourisdudesert »

Dear Chakra players,

Thanks to the publisher of Chakra (BLAM!) and the developer of the adaptation (Mistergos), we are happy to introduce 2 expansions for Chakra on BGA: Module A "Yin-Yang" and Module D "Objectives".

The physical expansion "Yin-Yang" allows you to add 4 distinct modules for the game and to combine them, and we are proud to introduce 2 of them on BGA.

With these 2 modules, the replayability of Chakra is really enhanced. We hope you will love these expansions as much as we do!

More than 400.000 games of Chakra have been played on BGA: thanks for making Chakra such a success!

Chakra expansion rules:
EN: http://blam-edition.com/en/chakra
FR: http://blam-edition.com/fr/chakra
DE: http://blam-edition.com/de/chakra
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Re: 2 new expansions added :)

Post by brucellosis »

great work! am enjoying the new options :)
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Re: 2 new expansions added :)

Post by JefferoNW »

When might the two expansions exit BETA mode?

What is the process?

Can I help review/test to accelerate the progress of those?
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