Two issues with Daily Challenge

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Two issues with Daily Challenge

Post by sorryimlikethis »

1. Only your first score should count towards the daily leaderboard. It's not much of a "challenge" if you know the exact sequence of shapes to come. Just witnessed someone on 210 climb to 213 after a 2nd game played.

2. For this reason you shouldn't be allowed to play Daily Challenge mode for ELO against other players. If you find the perfect sequence then congratulations, you are now unbeatable. Even if you just open up a replay of the current daily leader and copy their moves you will win 99% of your games.
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Re: Two issues with Daily Challenge

Post by Dophin34 »


1. Personally, I find the daily challenge interesting as it is. If you want to play a "one shot" game, you can play the classic mode. Here, it's a different challenge : you're given a draw and you try to take the most of it.

2. I agree with you. It shouldn't be allowed to see the replay of other players until the deadline. The day after, why not, it can be interesting.
And ELO is off topic.
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Re: Two issues with Daily Challenge

Post by Two-Sheds »

Yeah, I filed a bug on this a few days ago ( but the devs intend to leave it this way. I think it should be restricted to the player's first attempt, but even then, people could still "cheat" by reviewing someone else's game before playing theirs, if they really care that much about the ranking. Anyway, even if you do know what cards are coming up, it's not trivial to find the one optimal solution. And it is interesting to know what the highest possible score is for each day, if someone is able to figure it out.

I think BGA keeps its own separate high score data for each day, which is displayed in the Best Score box in-game. Maybe they could restrict that score based on players' first attempts, while the off-site leaderboard remains a free-for-all.

Or, maybe the leaderboard could mark those who played more than once with an asterisk.
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Re: Two issues with Daily Challenge

Post by MrBeardy »

I just played against someone who, once the leaderboard appeared I could see, had already played it. Comically they got a worse score (3 lower) but even so, feels a bit off playing against someone who already has a feel for what is to come. I think it should be capped at one try per person per day.

However, people wanting to cheat could easily either use burner temp accounts or review solutions from people who've already played so unless that is prevented too (no access for daily challenge for non-regular players, and no access to games history until you've played the DC yourself) it's a bit moot.

The suggestion to highlight multiple attempts in the score boards is sensible, and where tied people who only played once should go above people who played more than once, irrespective of round score. Does it really matter though, a place on a leaderboard? I don't really care (i don't share my details anyway). I can see losing ELO to repeat players is annoying for people who care about ELO and that should be curtailed if possible (for all that ELO matter, which to me is not very much).
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