Translation to Portuguese - "incorrect" and "not in the rulebook" corrections

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Translation to Portuguese - "incorrect" and "not in the rulebook" corrections

Post by Leninbot »

Hi all,

I would like help from more experienced translators on how to proceed with someone correcting the translation to an incorrect version.

I translated most of the entries from the Portuguese rulebook. For entries specific to the adaptation I chose words and structure closer to the rulebook, also considering how it would look in the game. The problem is that someone now changed pretty much all the translations adding/cutting a word or making some stylistic change that didn't improve the translation. On the contrary, there are now grammatical errors and mispelling. I believe we both want the best translation and that the new errors are unintentional. Also, not necessarily mine is better. Also also, I don't want to enter some sort of dispute. What course of action do you guys recommend?

An additional issue is the name of the birds. In Brazil names were translated and on the rulebook (I'm not sure about Portugal) there is a note stating that it was a choice recommended by StoneMeier not to translate the names, yet this translator added Brazilian-portuguese names. As much as I would love to keep the translated names, I believe that sticking to the official is better, but I'm not sure if this is really an issue or just my OCD screaming.

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Re: Translation to Portuguese - "incorrect" and "not in the rulebook" corrections

Post by diamant »

You mention incorrect corrections in your opinion, while you omit essential information: have you or not a version of Wingspan translated completely in Portuguese?
This means that texts on all documents and components contained in the game box must have texts translated into Portuguese.
If the publisher has decided by economy not to perform some translations, the corresponding texts are obviously not translations and I find it very incorrect to copy on BGA an initial text in English as a translation instead of translating in your language.

When you choose a language in BGA’s preferences, it is certainly not so that some or all of the texts remain in English. Some players may avoid playing a game for this reason, even if they understand English. Members who play on BGA do not work, so they have the right to read a language they like.

When I disagree with other members for the translation of a string, the first step is to resume my version by commenting on why my version should be preferred, with as much as possible a specific reference (for example, page number of the rule, location in the page).
If the disagreement persists, I choose between explaining my position in the forum dedicated to the game, or sending a message to the member with whom I disagree, remaining factual and avoiding being unpleasant.
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