Site runs slower than it used to

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Re: Site runs slower than it used to

Post by Silene »

I'm also experiencing incredibly long loading time recently.

Some specifics:

* on mobile running android chrome
* first time going to lobby worked fine
* after playing a game i hit the bga logo to return to main site. Then the crazy long loading happened (animated bga logo)
* i quit all aps and then started bga again which immediately brought me to main site without long loading
* repeated the same process 3x after playing another game and same moment when the long loading occurred
* edit: next time it didn't.
* it didn't happen like this 1 or 2 weeks ago (i actually never experienced it before, ever)
* 1.30am cest

Even without these exceptionally long waiting I must say that things seem indeed slower recently in general. This was the first time that made me close the app/window because it was so long that i thought i might be better off with a completely new try.

Here's something for you to upvote:
It was hard to find in bug reports because search function and bug report interface isn't working well, especially on mobile. I guess that's why it doesn't have more upvotes yet.
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Re: Site runs slower than it used to

Post by Meeplelowda »

Meeplelowda wrote: 16 September 2022, 20:23Ed.: Actually, between yesterday and today, things seem to be back to normal for me. I hadn't tried playing yet today.
Today it's back to being sluggish. "It" being the Play Now page loading.
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Re: Site runs slower than it used to

Post by ojomojojojojo »

Rautz wrote: 16 September 2022, 20:17 I used to play a lot on this site between Feb-Apr this year - the site would load in an instant.
Now I came back to play, and the site is running much slower than usual, for example when I go to, it takes 21 seconds to load, after 15 seconds I get Page Unresponsive from Google Chrome, and then another 6 seconds for the actual page to load

Is there some kind of problem with the site, or maybe I have a problem on my end with Chrome? (my Internet connection I believe is very good, so I don't think the problem is there)

Thank you
Ok. Im glad you started this forum. The same exact thing has been happening to me for maybe even a year now. When I asked some other friends they said it doesn't happen for them.

Something that I found useful, as mentioned by someone already is the amount of games in your favorites. Un-heart a lot of them that you arent really keen on on playing at the time. This helped productivity a lot but not really back to normal 100%. There is still something on the lobby page that is slowing it down that probably other people don't have.
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