Pirate Kapern rule issue / bug?

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Pirate Kapern rule issue / bug?

Post by crackajacka »

The game ends when a player reaches 6000 points. Every other player
gets to play one more turn. The winner is the player with the highest
score after the final round provided that their score is above 6,000
points. If during the final round no player has over 6000 points, the
game continues.
Ending the Game

Per the Rules, the game should continue normally if the player who triggered the final round ends up under 6000....but at the moment if the player who triggered final round goes under 6000... then on their turns goes back above 6000 the game immediately ends and does not trigger another "final round scenario"
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Re: Pirate Kapern rule issue / bug?

Post by KongKing123 »

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Re: Pirate Kapern rule issue / bug?

Post by Een »

Moved to the proper game forum.
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Re: Pirate Kapern rule issue / bug?

Post by VinceS »

See rules differences in the different versions here:
https://boardgamearena.com/link?url=htt ... h&id=12344
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Re: Pirate Kapern rule issue / bug?

Post by Tootles »

Unfortunately there have been misunderstandings between the editorial department and the designer Haim Shafir long time ago when we (AMIGO) worked on the game and published it first in Germany (more than 10 years ago in the meantime). Export partners like Gigamic adapted their version partially based on the original rules from Haim ... not only on the English template we offer from AMIGO side. That created some differences in the rules.

When adapting the game for BGA by VinceS we discussed all these smaller differences. I had a lot of emails with Haim at that time to be sure that the version we adapted for BGA is exactly what he intended to be the "only correct" version.

I am searching the time to re-write the rules for the physical produced game ... first of all for the German version, then for all versions from our export partners. Hope to manage that within the next 4-5 months to obliterate all existing differences between the different language versions.

Have fun playing the game - online and at the table!

AMIGO Editorial Department
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