Review of Sushi Go

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Review of Sushi Go

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Sushi go is a really nice game, and i like it, because it is an interesting game, as you need to think what sushi you are going to choose. Other opinion that is true is that sushi is amazing and it is my favorite food, it is nice to play with a friend. And it is good to be a competitive game.

All sushis have their points with other sushi and wasabi. Who makes more point wins the game. Maki Rolls give you 6 points if you are at the first position and the second position is only 3 points. Tempura will give you 5 points if there are 2 cards. A set of 3 sashimis will give you 10 points. For nigiris, there is the wasabi that will give you triple of points.

-Rafa and Carol ;)
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