score ok?

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score ok?

Post by vichy »

I haven't played many games of this game yet, but I can't see the final scores clearly. I don't want to open a bug, I'm sure I'm wrong :)
In this table:

Final score shouldn't it be 73 (35+12+26), 49 (24+9+16) and 8?

Last moves (at this time the scores are 29,2,21). What I think is not adding to the score is the points for adjacent tiles. It calculates it, but it does not add it.

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Re: score ok?

Post by wolmot »

The points for the adjacent tiles are already scored and added as you play during the game (since those are all public).
Only the private points for your personal objective (and the +1 for first to complete) are really added to the score at the end.

I suppose your confusion is coming from the fact that at game end the total from adjacent tiles is also logged again as information.
But those points are already included in your score at that point.
In your expected scoring you have actually added them twice (+26, +16, +2)

Does that make sense?
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