balance issues another jump drive

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Re: balance issues another jump drive

Post by mrbass »

ok here's my proposal for those owning the physical game.....see if this works please

58 cards in total

9 dark blue, light blue
8 black, yellow
6 green
4 white, purple, gray
3 light orange
2 pink
1 orange

9 x Crab
8 x Boat
7 x Fish
5 x Shark + 5 x Swimmer
4 x Mermaid
6 x Shell
5 x Octopus
3 x Penguin
2 x Sailor (anchor icon)
1 x Lighthouse
1 x Shoal of fish
1 x Penguin Colony
1 x Captain

purple 4 (shark, octopus, penguin, lighthouse)
gray 4 (crab, shell, octopus, shoal of fish)
green 6 (crab, fish, shark, shell, octopus, penguin colony)
yellow 8 (2x crab, 2x boat, fish, swimmer, shell, octopus)

2p remove purple, gray, green, yellow cards

remove 26 cards remaining 36 cards
no lighthouse, shoal of fish, penguin colony
less 4x crab, 4x octopus, 3x shell, 2x fish, 1x shark, 1x swimmer
still are 5x crab, 5x fish, 4x shark, 4 swimmer, 3x shell, 2x penguin, 1x octopus
obviously octopus is a no-go in 2p, penguins only 3 points for both max
4x mermaids can win you the entire game unless opponent prevents it

3p remove green, yellow cards
remove 14 cards, remaining 44 cards
less 3x crab, 2x boat, 2x fish, 2x octopus, 2x shell, 1x shark, 1x swimmer, 1x penguin colony
still are 5x crab, 6x boat, 5x fish, 4x shell, 4 shark, 4 swimmer, 3x octopus

ok another thought is remove types of cards
2p remove 9x crab, 5x shark, 5x swimmer, 6x shell = total 25 cards ..remaining 37 cards
3p remove 5x shark, 5x swimmer, 6x shell = total 16 cards...remaining 46 cards

this one sounds interesting because in 3p games you can gang up on the leader and no shark attacks prevents that.
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