Haiclue tutorial

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Re: Haiclue tutorial

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I thought it was fun to use the error to let the user get other chances in case they don't get it correctly the first time, and I made sure to include the words of the clue in the comments so they will be translated. But I clearly see your point, I agree, the concept of having the replay based on English is a bit tricky for a language-specific game so that's why we need to find reasonable workarounds.

Here, I adapted the comments so that now the player gets a chance to guess, then press continue and when the action is required the correct answer is indicated in the comment. The interface does not let me put an arrow specifically on the correct word (I could only highlight the top 4 words area which does not help). So I included a picture of the word to click on, which is a bit redundant for english users, but this guarantees the user will see on which word to click even if the text is translated.
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Re: Haiclue tutorial

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5/5 now, thanks!
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