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Sens / direction

Post by diamant »


L'implémentation BGA de Farm Club signale le joueur qui joue après moi comme étant situé à ma droite dans une partie à trois joueurs. Il s'ensuit donc que les joueurs jouent Farm Club sur le site BGA dans le sens anti-horaire. Or, je ne trouve rien dans la règle qui puisse définir le sens de jeu.
Sachant que je n'ai rencontré pour le moment que des cartes Objectif se référant au joueur de droite, il n'est pas indifférent que ce joueur joue avant ou après vous. Disposez-vous d'une référence permettant d'attester que le sens de jeu est correct sur BGA ?


The BGA implementation of Farm Club signals the player who plays after me as being located to my right in a three-players game. As a result, players play Farm Club on the BGA site in an anti-clockwise direction. However, I find nothing in the rule that can define that direction.
Knowing that I have only encountered Objective cards referring to the right player for the moment, it is not indifferent whether this player plays before or after you. Do you have a reference to certify that the direction of play is correct on BGA?
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Re: Sens / direction

Post by RicardoRix »

Definitely seems to be the case. The 'player to my right' plays just after me, rather than before me. That's counter-clockwise, unless we're meant to be facing outwards.
Normally, the player panels as well are always organised with the sequence of play going downwards, with yourself at the top. So it would appear that they've just got that token wrong. I've haven't got to scoring yet to know.
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Re: Sens / direction

Post by Jellby »

RicardoRix wrote: 14 October 2022, 18:43That's counter-clockwise, unless we're meant to be facing outwards.
It depends on whether the "clock" is on the table facing up, or on the ceiling facing down ;)
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