Time recovery during a game

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Time recovery during a game

Post by LDB62 »

I would like to see a minor modification in the way time is added at the start of or maybe during a player's turn. If you have a difficult hand and you take some time to see how to reorganize the board to play a few cards, your time can get low and it is almost impossible to recover.

You will eventually get time warnings on every turn because no time gets added back during opponents moves or during your own if you are finally able to make some plays. Perhaps a small time addition of 5-10 sec. would be helpful every time you pick up cards and then later place a set or a run on the table. If your opp is playing a lot of cards it might be nice to get some time to evaluate how you can use all of their plays so maybe a small time addition at the start of the next player's turn or some added time (10-30sec.) during an opponents 1+ minutes of taking and playing cards.

I have run low in time in other games, but they usually give you a bit of a time bump at the start of your turn. This game may require a slightly more substantial bump due to the nature of the game.
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Re: Time recovery during a game

Post by Navarchus »

j'ai moi même été éliminé par le temps alors que je posai ma dernière carte

moralité, une partie perdue (alors qu'elle était gagnante), et une pénalité qui n'aurait pas du être
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Re: Time recovery during a game

Post by tchobello »

Extra time is automatically added on each player's turn.

If you think you're gonna run out of time in Fast or Normal mode, try Slow mode.

If someone kicks you out, you can red thumb him to avoid playing again with him if you think it's unfair.
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