Medina Arena Mode

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Medina Arena Mode

Post by Thauri »

There are 2 options for arena mode:

A. For 2 players with neutral roofs, with a well, with tea breaks and with merchants on the tower tiles. Advantage: You can find other players for an arena game more quickly.

B. For 3 players with a well, with tea breaks and with merchants on the tower tiles, but without neutral roofs. The game feels more like the first edition that many gamers are familiar with and it is less destructive. Disadvantage: It takes longer to find players.

We need your help. Please try both variants and let us know which variant you prefer. Thank you
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Re: Medina Arena Mode

Post by manymoodys »


Sorry to be dense, but can you explain what Arena Mode games are? Can these be played at any time or they are tournaments that are set up and you join? I have been "declared" a Medina guru somehow, so curious what the Arena games are about.


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Re: Medina Arena Mode

Post by Shobu »

Which mode do you think is the best? 2p is better than multiplayer?
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Re: Medina Arena Mode

Post by Etoclas »

Hi there,
even if this is an old post, I would like to answer your question, Thauri.

For my personal tastes, I prefer much more the 2 players variant.
3 players is not fully competitive, since your game can be ruined by a third player (kingmaking or bash the leader dynamics).

2 players is about "Mors tua, vita mea" (In latin: "Your death, my life"). And Medina is a so nice game for that.

See you in game! :)
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