Playing Solo/One Person

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Playing Solo/One Person

Post by imascholar2 »

How do I choose to play solo (meaning one person)? The interface continues to tell me to choose someone/friend to play with. It will not take me to the game to play Solo. I have actually played the game Noah solo once so I know it is possible. Please advise.
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Re: Playing Solo/One Person

Post by thoun »

Currently, to play a solo game, you have follow these steps:
- Go to the Play Now link at the top of the screen set the three options at the top to Simple Game, Real-Time or Turn-based, and Manual
- Find the game you wish to play and create a new table
- Change the Game mode in the left side to "Training Mode"
- Change "Number of players" to 1
- Click "Open table to other players", then click "Start Game".
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