Going first is a bit too much advantage

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Going first is a bit too much advantage

Post by frogstar_A »

I’m really enjoying this game and finding it fun I even managed to get the top five ELO and win the top 20 trophy in the arena.

However I am beginning to find it’s a little bit frustrating that almost always the person who goes first wins!

On such a short game may only last four or five turns somebody who goes first could get an extra 25% more time in their moves than somebody who go second. It’s a pity that game rules don’t give something to balance that up a bit for example whoever goes first starting with one more artichoke.

If I am honest my trophies owe a lot to the fact that I had a run of about six games where I played first in all of them rather than because I’m an amazing player!
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Re: Going first is a bit too much advantage

Post by kerropi »

Is there a statistic on how many times one has gone first when playing all your games history? I am asking because I find that whenever I joined a created game or host a game, my chances of going first is less than 25% to me when i play with 3 or more players. It is indeed frustrating that there should be a bidding system or point system on who goes first. I think there is an advantage to going first especially playing against players.
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Re: Going first is a bit too much advantage

Post by JermyD »

That's a good point. I have a suggestion which could be easy to implement.

As a round is short, the advantage of going first could be balanced by playing as much rounds as the number of players, each player going first one time.

For example, for two players you could play 2 or 4 or even 6 rounds (or more, i dont know how it would work). For 3 players you would play 3 or 6 or 9 rounds, etc.. And so on according to he number of players
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