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Game length options

Post by Wreckage »

The rules in the box suggest the game to be played to 66 points, but allows players to adjust this. It specifically states the option to choose a certain number of rounds to be played. Please vote for this option here

Besides some player wanting shorter or longer games, there are some benefits to competitions if we had the option to set the number of rounds to be played. I suggest the option to choose 1-12 rounds for game length.

Shorter games:
In real time tournaments, it takes about 2 hours to play 4 tournament rounds. With a few players not showing up, and odd numbers of players participating, you might only play 2 games, with unfair scoring for the event. However, if we could set each game to be a single game round, we could schedule 15 games for each player in that same two hours.

Longer games:
We are competing with 30+ players at multiple tables. Currently, there is no fair way to compare scores from different tables, because some games are 2 rounds, while other games are 6 rounds. It's hard to estimate whether we should schedule 2, 3, or 4 games, since games are all different lengths. It would be nice to be able to set the game length to 7 or 8 rounds and just play 1 game.

The option should be allowed because it's allowed in the written rules.
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Re: Game length options

Post by megmav »

Seconding this. 6nimmt is one of my favorite games, but this game is very very long by default.
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