colorblind option?

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colorblind option?

Post by zjhomrighaus »

Wondering if there are any colorblind supports for Tapestry. I am a premium member so have selected my preferred colors, but in most cases my opponents end up with red and green which are indistinguishable for me. That matters for knowing who is where on which tracks as well as which player's outposts or player tokens end up on the central map. I can use other information in the game to determine which player started in which island area, but once players explore and conquer a bit, I can't tell who is sitting on the central island or if I've conquered one player who didn't play a trap, I have no way to tell if the adjacent lone outposts is their's or the 3rd player who might have a trap.

Is there any way to allow a colorblind player to select a toggle and change the colors of the other players? Failing that, is it possible to enable hovertext that would identify any player tokens and outposts anywhere in the game? That at least would allow me to hover over a token and know which player it belongs to even if I can't tell visually.

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Re: colorblind option?

Post by Vynce »

Great Idea! File it as a bug, though. (the link right above your post, in a pink box.)
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