When does one achieve Empire?

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When does one achieve Empire?

Post by JamesShen16 »

In this game between QC and I, I used Computer in the last turn. QC shared it and merged and activated Software. He first scored a 10, then merged a 10, Globalization, and when he tried to draw and meld another 10, he actually drew an 11 and caused me to win by score. However, at the point of his melding Globalization, he could actually win by achieving Empire. Although I won this game, I wonder whether this is the rule of the game, and when exactly is Empire determined?

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Micah Stairs
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Re: When does one achieve empire?

Post by Micah Stairs »

In consultation with the game publisher, we’ve made a small change to this online adaptation which affects when special achievements are awarded. We removed the word “immediately” from some of the special achievements, and those achievements are now only awarded at the end of the execution of each effect and at the end of each action.
- Taken from the in-game "How to play?" section

So this is a rare situation where the timing of the special achievement actually affected the outcome of the game!
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Re: When does one achieve Empire?

Post by pv666 »

Not sure it works as intended though.
In this Artifact game for instance https://boardgamearena.com/3/innovation ... r=32400584

My opponent triggered a chain reaction of 10s that allowed him to claim Diplomacy and should have got him also Science (and thus victory with 7 achievements), but he lost because he had to draw an 11 and I had more influence.

Also the word "immediately" is still everywhere on the French translations.
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Re: When does one achieve Empire?

Post by KADELY »

in the case of the Internet card, its dogma is carried out to the end and only then is military science or science awarded. But if I performed satellites, then science fell to me immediately and the game ended before I could perform cooperative dogmas from the played card. And if I could fulfill the dogma, I could lose. Why satellites do not act like the Internet is unclear to me. I think we need to make the same rule for these cards.
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