Is an 8 combo worth it?

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Is an 8 combo worth it?

Post by lordmcfuzz »

Is going for 8 ever worth it?

For only one point more than a 7 and it does not count towards a column bonus, I can't see that it is ever worth it. I have not seen anyone do it either.
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Re: Is an 8 combo worth it?

Post by RicardoRix »

yeah it's a bit weird.

I only assume they thought that at the end of the game, once you have filled the other boxes, that the 8 will be the cherry on the top. But that never transpires, you always have some boxes left, someone gets their nose in front enough to push over the -5 for the win. So I'm with you - it's a red herring. It would be better if it came with a +2 bonus or something.

Still an excellent game, so I'm willing to look past it :)
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Re: Is an 8 combo worth it?

Post by steve5332 »

I don't think I've ever taken it even when I had the chance to do so. I'm glad the option is there though. Without it your maximum possible score would be 92 instead of 100, and the latter is a nice number.
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Re: Is an 8 combo worth it?

Post by msclark »

I had a game where I would have won if I'd taken it. Not sure it was correct to do so, but the game ended quickly and I couldn't get the set completed. That 1 point was the difference between drawing and winning. It was this game, though the replays don't really work for Number Drop:

So yeah - it's definitely worth considering, though it'll be rare that you actually do it.
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Re: Is an 8 combo worth it?

Post by zinazetis »

It can be worth it at the end of the game if you're not able to complete a column and need points. Also it could surprise the opponent if they don't look carefully at your board. Sorry I will not give more advice for now, I want to keep my high rank😅 . Also it's always interesting to find out by ourselves the little tactics 🙂😉
But it's not very used indeed and this is for sure , not a priority.

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