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This is something that I never saw except for the last game I played. The Saboteur would wait unti the miners almost reached the gold and then play a cave-in card on a crossroad card all the way back near the mine entrance. Since noone has any crossroad cards left at that point in the game, this pretty much makes it impossible for the miners to win the game.
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Re: Cave-in

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It's a good strategy and probably the best way to employ rockfall (RF) cards as a saboteur. I've seen it quite a bit. Sabs sometimes dig useless paths around crossroad cards to set up for this scenario, so needlessly creating other paths around a crossroad is always suspicious. It doesn't make it impossible to win, though. To counter this, miners can RF another path card, one that isn't needed to reach the gold. This increases the range of cards that can fill that gap. It's also a good reason to keep track of the number of RF and maybe crossroad cards played.
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