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Allow games per Turn

Post by tiagovip »

Hello! As the title says, would be possible to allow Trusis to be played per turn?

I'm trying to get a live game of this one for weeks now, and either I'm always on the wrong timming, or is very rare to have a table going, and per turn would permit much more plays to happen (as I have friends to fill a table, but we are hardly all online at the same time).

Anyway, as Just One started as a live-only game and made the jump to asynchronous, why not this one also?


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Re: Allow games per Turn

Post by disu »

Hi tiagovip.
Initially Trusis has been released as turn-based or realtime game. Then we converted it to realtime only because the collaboration between the players, and the messages in the chat, should be faster.
I understand that it is difficult to play now that it is not very well known. We hope that, when close the beta version (soon), the players will increase.

However, now we let's consider whether to bring it back also available for turn-based play.
Thank you!
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