How is it a roll & write?

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How is it a roll & write?

Post by Ez0ah »

Note: same remark for Boomerang: USA or Europe

BGA lists roll&write as a game mechanism for this one and I kinda feel like it's misleading.
I guess if you take the BGG definition for a flip&write, it technically fits (these games use different cards to determine symbols and/or numbers. The results are marked on sheets of paper or erasable boards by the players).
Except it doesn't feel like a roll&write, it's a drafting game through and through. You just happen to report some choices on a erasable board but you could use cubes on a map and it wouldn't change a thing.

I'm not advocating for a category change but i'm curious what you all think about this choice.
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Re: How is it a roll & write?

Post by Guudys »

I'm pretty sure the game calls itself a "draft & write". There's not categories for every single X-and-write kind of games on BGA otherwise that'd be too many so that's why it's under the roll-and-write category.

Here's the very first sentence that describes the game :
"Explore the amazing lands of Australia in the new version of this "draft & write" game!"
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