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Patchwork Express

Post by Denis »

It would be nice to see Patchwork Express added to BGA, whether as a "variant" of Patchwork, or as a separate game.
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Re: Patchwork Express

Post by Nansquee »

There doesn't seem to be much difference. In Express, you have a 7X7 board; in the rules for Patchwork, the first person to complete a 7x7 square of spaces is rewarded. It doesn't say what happens if you have part of a piece outside of that. According to BGG, Express also has "larger and less complex pieces"

Okay - I found these comments also: Express is a "simpler, shorter game"

And this comment is helpful from someone comparing the two:
[In the original] "It isn't really about the puzzle (apart from the bonus tile) since there usually is some place left on your board when the game ends. Maybe you'll not be able to place a big tile but that's about it."

So with "Express" - you want to completely fill your 7x7 board, where in the original, you have a bonus if you do that.

Hmmm. Maybe you are right
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Re: Patchwork Express

Post by JeniGoof »

I also prefer express. I play both - IRL - and I cannot tell if my preference is because I started with Express first, or if there is something about the game which inherently makes it more challenging, strategic and interesting.

I just know that the express game - it seems so simplistic on the surface. And, then, when you start playing - it gets very interesting and challenging the more you play. Love that game and would really like to see it added!
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