'You Win' victory example

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'You Win' victory example

Post by stowe4919 »

Exhilarating way to win but definitely very risky (went from 0->40 and had one round to spare). Even with all the powerups, it was down to a 50-50 (set 6 on one die, hope to roll a 4-6 on the other).

Four components:
1. The 'You Win' Level 3 Sector 12 card.
2. 'Set die before rolling' Level 3 Sector 4 card.
3. 'Rerolling' Level 2 Sector 3 card.
4. As many other dice sum +1 cards as I could possibly get.

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Re: 'You Win' victory example

Post by mozboz »

Fun to watch, thanks for sharing
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Re: 'You Win' victory example

Post by Stroom »

Or you could swap the 12 to a smaller number like 4-6...
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