High Priest & Priestess

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High Priest & Priestess

Post by ahyangyi »

Hi, I just played a High Priestess. To my surprise, the game automatically selects a type of card from my corruption pile. I assume the logic is that it always chooses the type of card with the highest number.

This is, in my opinion, wrong. Sometimes a player might want to discard a different type of card, because they have both the High Priest and the High Priestess, and they can base their decision on the visible row of the cards.

Consider, the player has AABBB in their corruption pile, and the visible card row is XXBBY, where X is a card type the player does not want, but the other players do want, Y is a card they want, and it's a 3-player game. The player might want to execute the following plan:
  • Play the High Priest, discarding A from his corruption pile
  • Hope that the two opponents both take an X card
  • Take the Y card, adding BB to their corruption pile
  • Play the High Priestess, discarding BBBBB
Hence, the current behavior is not always "optimal", and should not be automated (or, at least there should be an option to prevent this from being automated).
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