strategy guide?

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strategy guide?

Post by zefs »

Anyone here know of a good article or guide written about strategies for this game?
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Re: strategy guide?

Post by FastMahina »

This advice is for the 4 player game:

Not that I'm an expert (well I guess I am), but my strategy is to look at the number of coins it takes to get a point. For example, the cards with 7 coins of the same color for 4 pts = 1.75 coins/pt, the 7,3 for 5 pts. and 6 for 3 pts. are both 2 coins/pt. Reserving these cards early is key. Getting supportive cards is great, but not essential. Try to make your supportive cards point cards too. the 5 coin 2 pts. cards, the 4 coin 1 pt. cards, and the 4,2,1 for 2 pts. are good support cards.
Never reserve 3 difficult cards unless you can play 1 of them with the gold coin you receive (or you can insure on your next coin take, i.e. 5 in the coin stack where you need an additional coin. A 2,1,1 draw by your opponents means there is still the one you need) at least one of your in hand cards are playable. Otherwise you can get stuck having no playable card.
Nobles almost never come into play. The exception is when the top row has 5,3,3,3 cards and there are only 1 pt. cards in the second row. I will blind draw the level 3 deck before taking any of those cards.
Stay aware of what your opponents need in the way of coins, and try to build supportive cards if you are in conflict. When your opponent completes his card, the coins in contention may become abundant.
Count to 15 with you victory points. if you are at 11 and there is a great 3 point card, be sure you can get it and another point faster than a 4 point card. Usually you can get 1 card faster than 2, given that you are a turn behind because you have to play 2 cards.
I try to play between 5-7 cards, in 19-22 turns. Each turn you play a card, is a turn you are not gathering coins, and if the key is spending the fewest coins, getting them faster is important. The minimal card played strategy means you win ties.
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