Exploits/Cheats Need Fixing!

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Exploits/Cheats Need Fixing!

Post by Mike_Crosley »

There's an exploit/cheat where if players take their turn fast enough (and its not hard to do) they can prevent their opponent from playing two identical cards on their turn. This situation is exploited by unscrupulous players who claim "The game allows it, so I'm not cheating" but they are. If the game were being played in person, they couldn't do this.

As to how to fix it, you could have the player click the card(s) to play and then click a "Play" button for them to activate. Its a simple fix that prevents cheaters from cheating and makes for a much friendlier game.

And while we're at it, how about having a display of the points in the player's hand. I've asked other players and they agree they'd like this too. It makes a difference in strategy in late game between risking taking a card of playing one from your hand.

Finally, how about toggling off the floating help text? Its helpful only for your first few games and then its just in the way and obnoxious.

Thanks for listening!

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